The Iron Gods

The Iron Gods
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This review may contain some spoilers.

This is an intriguing fantasy novella crafted by an author obviously full of passion for the genre. It’s rough around its edges and reads like an early draft in places, but there is something here.

We’re thrust into a fantasy world tempered with science fiction elements. Although nothing in this book struck me as being daringly original or unique, it carries a certain charm that helps get the ball over the net in so many places.

The journey feels rushed. Character exploration is fleeting. We head-hop between characters endlessly, and while there is great care undertaken to consider a larger fantasy world at play here, we are merely flung from one stage to the next.

The villain is passable, the writing ranges from striking to tepid, and then back again. Yet despite its shortcomings, there is talent here that will only bloom with the right practice, care and attention.

Action is plentiful, and the dialogue shines in places. There are some twists and turns to keep you turning the pages.

As for presentation, the cover is well illustrated, but needs color to capture the eyes of buyers. There were a handful of typos, but they did not ruin my reading.

This snack should satisfy the appetite of fantasy fans between their main-course tomes.

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The Iron Gods
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* Full of passion

* Rough stone that needs polishing
* Pacing needs work

* Suffers from head hopping
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