The Breaks

The Breaks
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This review contains some spoilers.

The author’s greatest triumph is in creating a female lead who does not need to validate herself to others; she’s unattached, but does not need a man to tame her into a loving, stable relationship. To lend from the character’s thought process, she knows her own mind.

Angela McGlynn is a tough-as-nails private investigator who finds herself paired with Knox, a veteran plagued by PTSD. They are a winning combination, but the story never managed to capture my attention as much as their partnership did.

The Breaks is the first book in a planned series by author Eden Sharp, who certainly demonstrates a deep understanding of the thriller and suspense genres, while employing a considerable degree of tech-savvy. Although the exchanges between McGlynn and Knox kept me interested, the story never felt quite as engaging. There’s nothing particularly new or fresh here, but the author does stretch the legs when exploring cyber crime.

I found McGlynn’s early exploits into the deep and dark belly of the internet far more entertaining than her numerous run-ins with weapon wielding thugs. Sure, it’s good to see characters break loose and kick some ass, but I felt that she was at her best while taking on the cyber world. When the story was focused on aspects of this I found it infinitely more engaging.

We follow McGlynn via a first person point of view, whereas Knox takes on a third person point of view. I usually find the technique to be a little confusing at times, but, largely, the author makes it work. There were moments of confusion, specifically when a new chapter begins and you are unsure if you are in McGlynn’s head again, describing a situation, or if it is actually the author describing Knox’s actions.

The writing is good, although at times I found the action descriptions a little tiresome, e.g. describing exactly what movements a character is making, what they had for breakfast, etc. I believe a little more editing could be of use here. Of course, everything is subjective and down to preference entirely. Another reviewer will likely rave over such things.

Chapters move at a brisk pace, so this won’t be a book that you will labor over for an eternity. An enjoyable read and debut novel by the author. I would read the next entry in the series.

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The Breaks
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