Shamelessly Promote your eBook!

Shamelessly Promote your eBook!

favionEven if your book is note perfect, that’s rarely enough to help spread the word. It’s an incredibly tough and competitive world out there for indie authors, so we like to do our little bit to help where we can.

Drop us a comment below and let us now why we should read and review your eBook. Better yet, let everyone know why they should read your work! Links are welcome!

A little description, a title and a link will do just nicely.


  1. I write to you from 100 miles in the Canadian wilderness. I’ve been fortunate to have winter thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, bicycled across the United States, survived bears, forest fires and more. My book is titled Off Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness. I welcome reviews and comment.

    July 23 and 24, 2016 is a free ebook download @

  2. A short piece of fiction written in hope to be recognized as a movie script: (free)

    Two short stories written as an intro for my novel, a commercial move to promote my writing: (free)

    My first novel, and also the first longer piece of writing I’ve ever done: (not free)

    I’m a Serbian author writing in English, so the language may or may not be simple and containing some errors. But two pieces are free and short so you won’t loose much time and effort. If you find them interesting, follow the smashword link to decide about the third one – do you wish to spend some money on it or not.

    Did I mention, first two are free?

  3. In the not-too-distant future, Las Vegas crumbles under the weight of its own elite. Corporations vie for control of the strip as wealth disparity runs rampant, forcing the less fortunate into the slums and sewers beneath the city. Raj is one such sewer dweller, but his fate is about to change. The success of the Nebula Corporation’s most revolutionary — and illegal — new product hinges on the only thing of value Raj has ever owned: his brain.

    Filled with political intrigue, strained relationships, and a city brimming with danger, The Man He Used to Be follows Raj as he fights a battle of attrition to preserve his identity and protect the poor souls that society has left behind.


  4. You should get a bottle of chablis and maybe some nice crackers and brie, and hole up in your favorite reading room with Juno Gets Enlightened all weekend. Why? Because its a book like you’ve never seen, a life that has never been portrayed before in any book, and it is a fascinating marriage laid out bare. Juno is the real life, reality fiction story of a spoiled, kinda bitchy woman who gradually, humorously and often shockingly, transforms into a genuine enlightened being and mystic. The story unfolds through a voice like your lifelong best friend whispering her most shocking details only to you. You’re right there taking every step with her as Juno travels the world and explores New Age LA in chapter-bites guaranteed to have you both cringing and howling with laughter. It’s the sort of book that gets into your system and inspires you, if only for a day, to free yourself from anything that binds.

  5. The Idle Man have teamed up with the best personal trainers, instructors, nutritionists and gyms in the UK to bring you a short yet comprehensive fitness guide. Every part of the body is covered, every budget is catered for and they’ve even got exercises for those of you with no time on your hands so you can get fit between meetings and on the move.

    PDF Download:

  6. A romantic fantasy set in medieval England, The Rython Kingdom tells the tale of a traveling troubadour summoned by the King. Unaware the story he relays contains a release spell to a vengeful witch, the troubadour, an old woman and her beautiful daughter are charged with saving the kingdom. Told as a story within a story, The Rython Kingdom weaves a beautiful yet compelling tale.
    Also available on and Barnes & Noble.

    • Love stories within stories. I’m trying to write one right now actually.


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