Pieces of Revenge

Pieces of Revenge
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This review may contain some spoilers.

Pieces of Revenge is the first book in the Titanium series, written by Valia Lind. It’s a young adult mystery with traces of romance. It’s also unnecessarily long and suffers as a result.

For the ground covered, there’s no reason for the book to be as bloated as it is; the author spends far too long in her main character’s head, mulling over the same issues, and it begins to grate.

Anastasia, or ‘Tasia’ as she’s often called, juggles her thirst for revenge with her romantic feelings for a boy. She’s been molded by vengeance, and she carries herself as a Jason Bourne type figure, quickly able to evaluate any given situation and threat.

I’m not sure that I was exactly sold on her deftness; sure, we see her disarming and brutalizing thugs, surviving breakneck car chases, but because of the reliance on her internal struggle between honoring her family, and succumbing to the charms of a young man, the credibility of her fortitude crumbles.

An editor would help here to trim the excess, and get us moving swiftly from point A to B.

The writing style is decent, but lacks sparkle. And that’s down to the material. It’s an interesting premise, but nothing much else stands out. Neither the plot nor the characters.

The romance feels rushed and unearned. That may be partly because I didn’t care much for the characters. And that’s even more telling for Tasia, whose family are wiped away before the novel begins. While such an action urges this reader to emphatize with the character, it does not mean I can unless I truly find that character interesting.

Having considered all of the above, there is still some good work here in this book. It’s a decent action adventure for younger readers, but this particular reader failed to gel with the material.

The ending, although predictable, works as a cliffhanger. There are some typos abound, but overall it’s presented well.

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Pieces of Revenge
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* Decent action mystery that should satisfy genre fans.
* Plot and characters lacking in scope.

* Unnecessarily long.
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