Indie Author Interviews (Vol. 2) RK Gold!

Indie Author Interviews (Vol. 2) RK Gold!


Welcome to Volume 2 of our Indie Author Interviews blog series.

In this edition, we’re proudly presenting RK Gold!

He’s the author of ‘Just Under the Sky‘, a novella, and ‘The Little Black Book‘, a short story collection.

Be sure to click on through to check out his work.

Let’s get interviewing …

Hi RK, tell us a little bit about your background, including any past writing experience.

I’m from Buffalo, NY. I earned an English degree from the University of Maryland. When I first started writing I mostly focused on poetry because it’s easier to submit 10 poems a week to 10 different journals and grow your writing resume than it is to focus on a novel for weeks or months. My passion is fiction, but I would not be where I am now if I did not get started with poetry.

Please tell us a little bit about the genres of books that you write.

I mostly write magical realism, but I do some crime, and satire as well. Satire sort of terrifies me lately though because I’m really starting to discover way too many people take it seriously, no matter how ludicrous an idea is; to make matters worse, they sometimes ignore the disclaimers! It’s way too easy to offend in satire.

What motivates you about the content that you write? Any inspirations?

Honestly, I don’t know where my inspiration comes from. I take my dog Logan for a walk and next thing I know I’m at my computer knocking out the first 10 thousand words to a new novel. But as far as the process goes, honestly, I just create a character and run with it. The more they are fleshed out the deeper the story is.

How much research is typically involved for your books, if any?

If it’s magical realism close to none, but crime, I have to dig a little deeper. I never write about anything I don’t know. I always want it to be authentic. I now know the layout and grids of way too many cities I have never actually visited just to get a basic idea of where some of my characters grew up.

just_under_skyDo you find it easy or difficult to set time aside for writing? How do you deal with distractions?

Distractions can be tough so I just make sure that I am in a work only zone when it’s time to write. That’s pretty much it for me; I treat writing like a job, it fits perfectly into my routine, so I don’t leave room for distractions to sneak in.

Are there days when you get out of bed and simply can’t get any work done? If so, how do you combat that?

Absolutely! And honestly the best remedy is taking my dog Logan for a very long walk. I think he prefers days that I don’t feel inspired. And as I said before, writing is a routine for me, so I don’t give it much thought I just do it.

For an indie author, what do you think are the best ways to market your book?

Thankfully I have a publisher who does absolutely amazing work. Thank you Weasel Press! Other than that authors should do this; find interviews and be active. However, I am far from the best marketer and still have a lot to learn.

As an indie author, what would you say is the most challenging obstacle?

Working for gratification. It is always easier to do something when you get recognition. It could be good or bad, some people love being hated and feed off that energy. And to be honest it’s a lot easier to create a Fanbase when you’re disliked than to create one when you’re unknown. So the toughest obstacle is definitely getting your name out there, in one of the most competitive fields.

Please tell us about any future projects you have on the horizon, be it writing, or marketing a new book, etc.

So far I have two books to come out in 2016. The first is a short novella following a man named Casper who returns to his hometown which was taken over by a cult. The second is set to come out in August and is about a med school dropout turned author who is obsessed with killing God.

Thanks for taking part, RK!

Are you an indie author? Fancy an interview? Drop us a mail and we’d be happy to chat to you.

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