Can’t Let Go

Can’t Let Go
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This story of love and endurance comes from a heartfelt place but suffers from unpolished writing and tepid dialogue. Ralph and Sonya are in love, but Sonya’s past casts a dark cloud over everything they’ve built together, threatening to tear their relationship apart.

When Sonya disappears without any explanation, a puzzled Ralph is left caring for their child. Through the use of flashbacks, we learn about Sonya’s troubled relationship with her father, stemming from the death of her mother. And while this relationship serves to flesh out the reasons behind Sonya’s departure, and the challenges that Ralph will have to help her through, I never felt particularly close to these characters.

That’s partly due to the disjointed writing style, often covering some of the mundane details while ignoring the most important. The writing needs work; there’s a lot of telling and not showing going on here and the dialogue, at times, feels forced.

There is a warm story with an endearing message running through this novel, but it needs nurturing, attention to detail, and some love and care of its own.

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Cant Let Go
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*Warm message.
*Writing needs work.

*Weak dialogue.
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