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We’re readers with some time on our hands. We love to read. We’re fans of indie authors. It’s as simple as that. You may notice that we are part of the Amazon Associates program, which means that we earn a small percentage for any sales visitors may make via Amazon. Such income will be used for web administrator fees, to keep the site in working order.

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Calling all indie authors! Star Book Reviews is designed to promote indie writers. We want to tell the world how great your work is. At our site you’ll get a full in-depth review of your eBook, which you can then share and link back to as part of your own promotion strategy.

If your eBook is fiction, our review will score you in story, character, writing, and presentation categories, providing one total score. If you are submitting a non-fiction book, you will be graded on content, delivery, writing, and presentation.

We’re writers too, and we know how hard it is to get people to read your work. That’s where we come in. Head on over to our submission page to submit your eBook now for a free review – word by word and page by page.

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Oh and while we have you here, just a little bit about who we are:

The Star Book Reviews team enjoy all genres of literature, and are ready and waiting to read your work. With decades of experience writing, publishing, and reviewing, we’re sitting down to read.

While we provide full and honest reviews, we are not interested in ripping work apart, but instead offering constructive criticism where possible.

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